Crisis Communications Toolkit

Don't let a crisis ruin your PR strategy

In today’s fast-moving media landscape, a communications crisis can descend upon a brand rapidly and take many forms. When this happens, it’s the brands who are most prepared that come out on top. The question is: are you and your team ready for a comms crisis?

Grab our Crisis Communications Toolkit to prepare a fool-proof PR strategy for when a crisis hits. Learn how to identify when a threat may happen, analyze the coverage around a crisis, and craft a genuine, timely response for your audience.


  • Crisis Communications Checklist – Use this 10-step checklist to guide you through a crisis, from developing your messaging and reviewing it with your legal team to monitoring for coverage and responses.
  • Preparation Prevents Panic On-Demand Webinar – In this recorded webinar, learn best PR crisis tactics that you can implement in your strategy today, such as threat identification and creating a communication protocol.
  • Best Practices for Brand Communications in Times of Uncertainty – We've put together a tip sheet of some best practices for brand communications to help you become a trusted source of information for your industry in trying times.


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